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You know, I've been speaking of my writing for a while and a few people have asked to read some of my stuff. Being an amateur at this, I have to really practice to make my thoughts sound good. ;) I read this for a friend the other day and she liked it. A few other things will find their way into my book, but I figure I'll give you a rough draft of one thing that I like, but I can't find a place for in the book. I figure this will go on my website as well.

Let me know what you think of it.

Pack Rat

I have a really bad habit.  I don't know how to throw things away. I guess I figure I'll eventually need it someday. You know that day never comes. Eventually there will be a nice stack of papers: technical articles, links, special interest stories, etc. I have old disks from ancient operating systems that fill boxes in storage. Clothes that are out of style lie in boxes. I have storage space and I'm constantly shuffling things back and forth from there to my room.

One day, I decided to start throwing things away to give not only myself room to live, but to get rid of things that no longer suit me or I don't need.  So here I was in my room, holding a trash bag, finding out what things I need to really keep, throw away or take to storage. I would look at an object in my room and study it closely. "Do I need this around me?" Most things that I found didn't serve a purpose in my life, so I threw it away. I found a few things that, although weren't useless, I didn't need with me, so I put them in a box to take to storage. I'll review if I need those at a later time, but it wasn't that many items that I had to review. Soon I found there were only a small number of things I really needed and served a purpose. It was from those items that I found a place in my room for.

Once I finished, I found that I had more room to work with.  I also noticed that with the space the useless things took up, better items can be put either in their place or used to better organize my life. Something dawned on me as I finished the room. I had completed a physical housecleaning, but I had earlier done the same thing with my friends. Every once in a while you should go through a housecleaning with people you know, especially ones that constantly disappoint you. If you use the same criteria with the people you know, you'll find that they wind up in those same piles: the useless ones that needed to be discarded, ones that you should put away for now because they may have value in your life later if they work on themselves, and the ones you keep. You'll find that the ones you keep will always be small in number.

When I did the housekeeping with the people in my life, something interesting happened. I found that I ended up with better friends coming in to take the useless friends' place. You see the useless ones--you know, the ones that use you, aren't dependable, keep you from your goals and are a bad influence--take so much space in your life that they don't allow better things to get into your life. Once you get rid of them, you'll be surprised that better things come into your life; things that all the garbage cluttering your life kept you from.

Take my advice and do a little cleaning now and then so you won't be a pack rat.

Copyright, 2008

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