Sometimes we all need a good laugh. I know I do. I have a somewhat weird sense of humor and this site will hopefully showcase some of it.

  • Filed under "Idol minds are the devil's workshop", I found this lovely site where you could dress up electronic dolls. That site is really addictive, especially when you come up with a theme to follow! The results are in paper doll fun pt 1

  • Let do another paper doll installment! Let's see who gets broke off in Paper Doll Part 2

  • I said I was going to delete this page, but I decided to keep it. This is an archive from the old site, but it's still worth a good laugh. Let's take a look at an oldie but goodie: Ghetto prom 2k4

  • Somehow I lost the link on the original 'Hot Mess' page, but I posted this a while back but maybe you haven't seen it. This pictorial takes you on a detour to a lovely town know as Booger Hollow.

  • Another leftover from the site, I would be remiss if I left out the HOD Terms page. Take a look and see what idle minds will think up.