Now that you learned a few terms, let's put a few of those terms in use, shall we?
"Gee, that outfit is cute for you"

"Your makeup was professionally done? boom then poof!"

"You thought you was going to be the cause of it all when you bought that? Girl, did you get the memo?"

"Girl, good luck!"

"She must have been quite tooty when she left the house. That's only reason that explain why she's looking like that!"

"Are you mad because I'm reading a 'War and Peace' on you? Chile, tell it to Oprah!"

"She's giving me the gout!"

"B*tch, take off that janke crown!"

"Excuse me
sir, don't you have a web site about female impersonation, but trying to convert it into a "community forum"?. Something about No ma'am! Bricks wanna be ladies, but are not doing that math."