You know, it's been about 4 years since I've owned a camera; I've always borrowed my roommate's. So from that sentence, you can tell how often I take pictures!

Well, from that I did manage to squeeze out a few pics and this is what this page is for.

In the summer of 2007, I went on not only my first 2 week vacation, but my first coaster trip. Yep I'm geeky like that, but I had fun without flashing lights, alcohol or trolls bothering me! This trip took me through several states in the midwest... so let's go down memory lane. Shall we?

I'm a bit out of sequence for the pictorials, but that's OK. Each part covers a different day, so as I pull them in you'll get the gist of the day.

Part 2 - Here we spend a half day at Kentucky Kingdom

Part 3 - The second half of our day landed us at Beech Bend.

Part 4 - A day at Indiana Beach. Rides, thrills and of course... liquor!

Part 5 - We spend a few hours at Little Amerika on our way to Wisconsin Dells. I would have never knew there was a park around here!

Part 6 - We're at the Dells for Coaster Riding

One of the things I love to do in my spare time is to volunteer. I hope it shows. Anyway, I recently lent my time at the Miami AIDS Walk 2008. My assignment was escorting and being a general gopher to actress Jane Lynch, who was this years Grand Marshal. I brought my camera to take a few pictures of the event. Take a look.