Name: Terry
Birthday: May 3
College: Southwest Missouri State University
Major: Information Systems
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Quote: You’ll be alright.
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My favorite songs
  • If I can’t Sell it I’m gonna sit on it
  • Ain’t gonna bump no more with a big fat woman

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Website Administrator
Terry is a 39 year old programmer and currently works as a web developer in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. An avid reader of computer literature AND people, he has a bachelor's of science in Computer Information Systems. He currently knows six computer languages and three different operating systems. With that his home is known as a "computer graveyard", with various computer parts lying around. Although he can usually build computers from scratch, he had "switched" to using Apple Macintosh computers; he is a proud owner of a 15" Powerbook (laptop) which he takes everywhere.

In his spare time, he likes to work out, surf the internet, shop, go out and "people watch" and hang out with friends. Terrance is also an amusement park freak, and loves riding rollercoasters and bowling as well. Most of his trips are centered around going to an amusement park during the day and "booty shaking" at night; so his friends know if they go on a trip with him, they will be hitting a park at least one day during the trip.

While generally calm and mild natured, it is best that you don't bring him drama... especially when he is trying to relax on his hard earned vacation that he paid for. He is a taurus after all, get him riled and he'll sharpen those horns and ram your tail into space! He cherishes peace and quiet... if he doesn't get it, he'll most likely get in his car (or rent one) and "punch it", leaving you to your misery.

One of his qualities is his honesty... and BOY is he honest... some people are taken aback by it, but he wouldn't say anything to you if he didn't care about you. So take it as a complement. And as he would say if you didn't like his comment: "You'll be alright." And if he can help you with something, you know you can depend on him to do it... and you can't say that about many people that you would call friends.

Terry hopes people of many backgrounds will enjoy this site.