What is The House Of Debbie?

A lot of people have asked me this question, so I figured this is the perfect place to let you know the story behind it.

Several years ago, when I lived in St. Louis, we used to have fun making up and using different words to describe events, places and things. You can see a compilation of some of these terms on this page (You might want to get familiar with it, you might easily get lost in the vocabulary). But one word that we used a lot was the word 'Debbie'... you see at that time the word meant several things: 1) a generic name for someone that you are talking about or 'reading'... kinda like a gay person calling someone else 'Mary'... and 2) a low heeled shoe, which is a signed of a horrible, or 'booger' drag queen... wearing anything less than a 3-inch heel, especially in a evening gown is a debbie...

Anyway, with that description out of the way, a few friends that hung out a lot becamne a secondary family; a clique or house, if you will, out of SHEER boredom for doing anything in St. Louis. So while we went out to bars, we mostly hung out at each others' house, went to movies, and especially all the female impersonation contests as a group. And we 'acted up' wherever we went. So throwing together a name this group became amongst ourselves "The House of Debbie"... and this page becomes a interactive tribute to those people that are members of that group.