The site will be for grown folks

HOD becomes gay adult oriented (Sorry kids)

Geek Korner

I've added a new Geek Korner to the site. This will cover computer issues and articles.

Also, RSS feeds are now available from the "What's New", "Geek Blog" and personal "Blog" pages. This will allow you to get updates from the site, whether it's something added, personal blog or computer info without constantly checking the site. You will either need an RSS reader or use a RSS-capable browser such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox or Safari browsers. I'll post an article soon on how to use RSS... it's just like having a paper or magazine delivered to your door!


Emailing the Webmaster

Just as a reminder: If you see some idiotic fashions from the ghetto prom, don't bother asking me for it! I won't tell you! Besides those pictures are a few years old, if they even exist on my site anymore... so they're played out!

Also, if you email me or the webmaster, make sure you know how to write in complete, gramatically correct sentences. I don't want to spend hours deciphering what you were trying to say. Take this email as an example from atlanta_baby4lyf:

wuss sup um ion kno if u took dem or wat but mi prom cumin up and i wont me and mi boyfriend 2 b matchin wit the jersey dress and tux............. so if u kno who dose that or were i can get it done at please let me kno thanxz

Um, what did she just say? C'mon girl! Get it together! It makes absolutely no sense that you're in school and you're writing crap like this. You need to be embarrassed that you sent this to a complete stranger. I know we all aren't perfect but if you're mispelling more words than you have right, then there's a problem.

Besides why do you want to look a mess at your prom? And I guess you are going to sneak out before your parents notice, because there is no way my daughter would walk out the house looking like a basketball-inspired hooker. I'd have to pull out my belt and tan your tail!

Anyway, young people, being proficient in text messages doesn't excuse you from composing well-written communications. Pay attention in English and composition classes and get it right!!!

Forum converted

The forum has been converted to the latest version. Some items (like the gallery) are not working, but I will work with support to fix that. Anyway, I will be setting up the permissions for new members and opening up the forum soon. Maybe this weekend. I'll just have to look at the new forum settings first. I did a major jump in versions so everything is different and I may need to add back or in some new features.

Stay tuned!

P.S. I finally started cleaning up the forums as well. If you were a member in the past, but hadn't posted... well you're no longer a member. That brought the member counts waaay down. But now I have a realistic ideal who actually contributed to the site.

No cigar

Well, the videos aren't all quite working so I need to reencode them. I'll add that to the list of things that need to be done.

Also, I put in the request to get my forum updated. Hopefully that will occur in a day or two. Just keep an eye on the main site for more information. I added a few new forums in preparation, but you can check out my plans for more information.

Anyway, I'd better be heading to the gym. A better body doesn't just grow itself!

A little more content

I added back the links to some videos on the site from my midwest trip and updated my blog.

I still have quite a few pictures to post, including stuff for another section I call "Geek Corner". This section will have computer articles and a few tips, since this is what I do for a hobby and a living. My first article will be on building a new computer. You know it's not that difficult these days to build a much better computer than what you could buy in a store. So I'll walk you through building one, short of installing the operating system. I did two installs including one for Mac OS X Leopard... yep you heard me--I installed the Mac OS from a spare license I bought before my laptop died. I'm looking to try to put that up this weekend.

I do have to snap a few pictures for this weekend's project: upgrading my mac mini. We're adding memory, a new dvd burner and wireless 802.11N networking to it. It will almost be like a new computer! Eventually I may upgrade the processor, but I figure I'd better save that money to go to europe... $100 cpu = 65 Euros... That's a few meals, a night in a cheap hotel or a few drinks in a pub!